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At Divvy, we believe in the value of homeownership and think it should be accessible to more people. We created Divvy with this mission in mind. We find cities where we think owning a home makes good financial sense, and then offer renters the ability to transition to homeownership with our 3 year program.

The benefit to our tenants is that they get to pick out their own home and build towards owning it over time. The benefit to our investors is that they get to buy a great investment property with a tenant who truly cares about the home. We think it’s a win-win for everyone.

We’re founded by a group of real estate enthusiasts and technologists. We currently operate in Atlanta, Cleveland and Seattle - and will be expanding in the coming months!

“Thank you so much to the Divvy team. The process was very smooth and I felt like I was in the driver’s seat. I’m so excited to be moving into this home, it feels like a fresh start for my family.”
- Jennifer M. (Seattle, Wa)
“I’ve been so tired of years of renting! Now, Divvy has me on the path to owning my own home. The team helps you through the process to you feel like you’ve got an expert on your side.”
- Tyler K. (Cleveland, OH)

We’re backed by industry experts who believe in our mission...

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