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Divvy combines the best of renting and owning.

Divvy allows renters and future homebuyers to enjoy the benefits of homeownership now. We buy your future home on your behalf, so you can lease it while building equity every single month.

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You choose your home

You choose your home

Find your dream home and reserve it today. While you lease for 3 years you have the exclusive right to buy.

Every payment builds equity

Every payment builds equity

A portion of every monthly payment goes towards building equity. Increase your ownership over 3 years.

Share in appreciation

Share in appreciation

Your neighborhood’s home prices may go up as much as 10% a year. Divvy is unique because we share that home price appreciation with you.

Flexible options

Flexible options

Our program is designed to prepare you for a mortgage, but we’ll still cash out your equity if you decide not to buy.

Here's how Divvy works.

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Find a home

Search available homes on Divvy. Already have a home in mind? Get pre-approved and let us know.

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Lease for 3 years

We’ll buy it on your behalf and lease it back for 3 years. Build equity and share appreciation while you lease.

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Buy or Sell

Convert your equity into a down payment for a mortgage, or sell your shares - share in home appreciation either way!

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