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Let’s help make your dream of homeownership a reality. Work toward improving your credit score with a program aimed at getting you mortgage-ready. The best part? You'll have a personalized action plan to help keep you on track with credit recommendations and financial tips just for you.

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Your unique homeownership readiness timeline and assessment

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Your credit report and credit score breakdown (based on FICO® Score 4 from TransUnion®)

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Your personalized action plan with tips to help improve your credit and mortgage readiness

Prepare for homeownership with confidence.

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Get your homeownership readiness timeline and assessment

Get your homeownership readiness timeline and assessment

See how close you are to becoming a homeowner and see where you should improve with our readiness assessment, then work on accelerating your timeline (and mortgage readiness) as you follow a customized action plan to save, pay down debt, and learn to improve your credit.

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Personalized credit improvement strategies to help get you homeowner-ready

Basic credit monitoring can only get you so far. Receive personalized recommendations, based on your TransUnion® credit report, to learn how you can work toward improving your credit score and debt-to-income ratio, with the end goal of qualifying for a mortgage.

Your personalized homeownership action plan

Your personalized homeownership action plan

Based on your readiness timeline, you’ll get step-by-step recommendations and financial tips to keep you on track and moving towards homeownership. Plus, gain the knowledge and skills critical for buying and owning a home.

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Spot credit report errors and automate disputes for free

See if any errors on your credit report are holding your score back, automate disputes to the credit bureaus, and track their progress.

Why choose DivvyUp?

Get personalized recommendations at a lower price than credit repair, with homeownership and mortgage approval as the focus.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Repair

Only helps with credit score and no other mortgage approval factors

Helps you work toward improving credit, savings, debt, and homebuyer knowledge

Only helps with credit score and no other mortgage approval factors

Lacks personalized recommendations

More cost-accessible at $14.99/mo

More expensive at $100-200/mo

Doesn’t give insight into your homeownership timeline or readiness

Gives you a homeownership readiness and timeline estimate

Doesn't give insight into your homeownership timeline or readiness

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