Exceptional homes at a fraction of the price

Buy property with a group. You might be surprised at what you can afford.

Upgrade your travel

Group buying makes truly luxurious properties surprisingly affordable.

Convenience and comfort

There’s no place like (a second) home. Spontaneous weekend trips?
Yes, please.

Don’t spend - invest

Instead of spending money on hotels and rentals, build equity in a valuable asset.

Sharing is cost-effective

Maximize your budget by buying in proportion to your actual usage.

How does Divvy work?

Divvy splits the home into shares. We handle the legal and financial complexities so there’s no messiness or friction.
We make group ownership simple.

Legal protection

Divvy protects your investment with rigorous legal agreements. We’ll make sure your group follows best practices.

Ongoing management

We’ll monitor rental revenue, expenses, and usage and make sure they’re fairly shared. Our software platform makes it easy.

Fractional financing

Divvy offers unique fractional financing, so each buyer can obtain their own loan. That means no shared credit risk.

Independent liquidity

Each home has an exit plan, but you can also choose to sell your share independently thanks to our fractional financing.