A program designed for you

No mortgage? No problem. With Divvy, save up for your future down payment while renting, and take over when you’re ready–or just walk away. It’s that simple.

How it works

Complete an application
It’s free, fast, and won’t impact your credit score. It takes only 5 minutes to pre-qualify.
Get approved for a budget
Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a budget to go home shopping.
Choose your dream home
Partner with an agent to find your dream home. Choose from any home on the market that qualifies.
Divvy pays for the home
We’ll pay for the home in cash and cover all fees, closing costs, taxes and insurance. All we need is a down payment of 1-2%.
Move in and save
Move into your Divvy home and start saving to gradually build up ownership of the home. Most of our customers are able to become mortgage-eligible in less than three years.
Buy the home or walk away with savings
At any point you can choose to either buy back the home with the money you’ve saved, or move out and cash out your savings.

The ins and outs

How does the application process work?

Divvy’s application is free, won’t impact your credit score, and only takes 5 minutes. Don’t worry if your financial picture isn’t perfect—we get that life happens. Once we’ve verified your income and savings, you’ll get your Divvy-approved home budget within 2 business days.

What homes are eligible?

Divvy lets you shop homes that are listed for sale and within your Divvy budget. There are a few exceptions–like no mobile homes or condos–but generally, most homes work. Go home shopping with your real estate agent, or we’ll pair you with one of our trusted agents. Once you choose the home, we buy it. Yes, really.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

We’re here to answer any of your questions. Reach us atsupport@divvyhomes.com.

Who takes care of the inspection, closing costs, homeowners insurance & property taxes?

Because Divvy will own the home while you're saving up to buy it from us, we make sure that what we buy is a solid investment and in good shape for the long haul. We take care of the inspection, closing costs, property taxes, and homeowners insurance.

When can I buy my home from Divvy?

You can buy the home at any time during your three-year lease. We offer two buyback prices: a lower one if you purchase your home before the 18-month mark and higher one if you buy in the second half of your lease.

Am I tied in for 3 years?

We get that things change and that you may need to end up moving instead of buying back. You can walk away at any point, and we’ll cash you out your savings less a relisting fee (as a percent of the initial purchase price).

How does Divvy make money?

Divvy makes money from your monthly rent payments and from the home’s appreciation over time. That’s it. What’s unique about Divvy is how we share the benefits of homeownership:
Save for a future down payment.
About ¼ of every monthly payment goes toward your savings for a down payment. Whenever you’re ready, you can either use those savings to buy the home from us or cash it out minus a relisting fee.
Benefit from home appreciation
We’ll give you a preset price at which you can buy the home from us. Even if the home increases in value, it doesn’t change your price.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

We’re here to answer any of your questions. Reach us atsupport@divvyhomes.com.

Divvy is a great fit if…

You’ve had trouble saving up for that down payment

We think saving up is hard. With Divvy, you’ll save up little by little with each monthly payment to afford a down payment.

You need some time to get your finances in order

Divvy only looks at your last 3 months of income, which means we’re a great option if you’re self employed or recently started a new job and need more time to fully document your income.

Your credit score isn’t quite where it needs to be...yet

Divvy’s accepts a minimum 550 FICO, which means that even if you’ve hit a few bumps in the road, we can still be a great option. Once you’re in your Divvy home, we’ll pair you with a free credit counselor to help you get mortgage ready.


Pricing is different for each person based on your income, credit history, and location.

To find out your unique home budget complete a free application.

At move-in
Initial Contribution
A one-time, upfront contribution to go toward your Home Savings (1%-2% of the home value).
Each month
Rent + Home Savings
Rent is based on the fair market rent of your city. Home Savings is what we set aside for you to save up little by little for your future down payment (approximately 0.10%-0.25% of home value).