We’re in the business of financial equality

Owning a home is a path towards wealth creation and financial stability, but too often people get left behind. Our team aims to break through traditional barriers to fight for the underdog, and give everyone a shot at owning their own home.

For my family, owning a home helped us live the American dream and save for our future. I founded Divvy to provide this same opportunity to others.

Adena Hefets
Adena Hefets
CEO, Divvy Homes
What drives us

We believe the mortgage industry hasn’t kept up with changing times.

Mortgage requirements have gotten more restrictive while our financial lives are more complex than ever. Today, millions of Americans are excluded from homeownership, not because they can’t afford it but because they simply can’t get approved for a mortgage. That’s what we set out to change. Divvy represents an entirely new way to think about homeownership in America.

Faces at Divvy

We brought together industry experts, seasoned business people, and technologists to build a company that stands for one mission: making homeownership accessible for everyone.

Our Investors