Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Buying a home today is harder than it should be. For working people. For those serving the community. For those who choose to be their own bosses. For anyone without the privilege of generational wealth.

We founded Divvy to make homeownership, and all the power that comes with it, accessible to everyone. Because a home of your own isn’t just a resting place. It’s freedom, and it’s security. It’s a legacy—and a chance to build wealth for everyone who comes after you.

Home is a starting point for a better future. And you deserve that, too.

Why America needs Divvy

Source: US Census data

Home prices have increased 7.6x faster than income since 1965.

Source: US Census data, Bureau of Labor Statistics data

In a lifetime, the average American will spend $200,000 on rent.

Source: Federal Reserve

On average, homeowners have 40x more net worth than renters.

What draws us together

Divvy is a big (and growing) team of many trades and talents, from product designers to support specialists to home evaluators. We’re working together to rewrite the rules of real estate for the better.

We know the power of a home, firsthand.

Image of adena and team
Adena with a few other folks on Team Divvy in 2019. (We’re now 250+ strong!)

Our founder, Adena, was born to two would-be Divvy customers. In the ’70s, they couldn’t get approved for their first mortgage. Then they got lucky when one understanding homeowner offered them flexible financing to buy a home.

Adena and her siblings all grew up in that home. It was her family’s main form of savings, and it made everything possible, from their college educations to their careers. That’s why Adena started Divvy: to create a path to homeownership—and the opportunities it holds—for more families like hers.


Want to help us create homeowners? We’re hiring.

Divvy is an equitable community of individuals who learn from each other every day. We’re building a team as diverse—and as driven—as the customers we serve.

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We’re grateful for the investors who share our drive and vision.
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Caffeinated Capital
SciFi VC

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Interested in making real estate more equitable? We work with agents, real estate brokers, mortgage professionals, capital partners, and local governments to make homeownership possible for all.

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